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How to reach the Flemish Parliament?

Aerial view of the buildings of the Flemish ParliamentThe Flemish Parliament is situated in the heart of Brussels. It can best be reached by public transport or by bike: parking in the neighbourhood is not so easy.

Reach the Flemish Parliament:




By public transport

By train

By metro - bus - tram

  • Metro: the Parliament is situated approximately 200 meters from metro station Madou and at about 400 meters from metro station Kunst-Wet
  • Buses 29, 63, 65 and 66 stop in the neighbourhood of the Parliament (get off the bus at bus stop Drukpers)
  • Trams 92 and 94 have stops at the Koningsstraat (get off the tram at the stops Congres or Park)
  • Check the time tables on the website of MIVB


By bike


By car



Contact the technical helpdesk at +32 2 552 44 44 for further instructions.


Different access points

The Flemish Parliament is housed in two interconnected buildings: the Flemish Parliament Building and the House of the Flemish Representatives

House of the Flemish Representatives 

Leuvenseweg 86 (visitors entrance)Nieuwe bezoekerstoegang Leuvenseweg 86

  • For whom? 
    • Visitors who have an appointment with a member of parliament, the services ot the Secretary General, the Flemish Office of the Children's Rights Commissioner, the Flemish Ombudsdienst or the Flemish Peace Institute
    • Visitors who participate at or visit a plenary meeting or a committee meeting 

Keep in mind that you and your luggage will be scanned at the entrance due to security measures. 




Ijzerenkruisstraat 99
(exhibition centre and visitor centre De Loketten)
Bezoekerstoegang Ijzerenkruisstraat 99

For whom? For visitors to the Flemish Parliament that participate in a guided tour or an event

Keep in mind that you and your luggage will be scanned at the entrance due to security measures. 







Flemish Parliament Building
(Hertogsstraat 6: corner Hertogsstraat / Drukpersstraat)
Hoofdingang Hertogsstraat 6

  • For whom? Only used for meetings with official delegations 









Both the Flemish Parliament and the House of the Flemish Representatives as well as most of the meeting rooms are accessible for people with disabilities. Both buildings have elevators and ramps at the entrance.  

The plenary room and eight out of the ten committee rooms are accessible by wheel chair.
The rooms Peter Paul Rubenszaal and Jan Van Eyckzaal are not accesssible.
You can follow the livestream of the meetings of the committees on the
committee web pages or replay the recordings after the meetings.