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Management and Administration

SpeakerLiesbeth Homans

The Flemish Parliament elects a speaker every year, at the beginning of the parliamentary session. The speaker of the Flemish Parliament is automatically the president of the Bureau and the Extended Bureau, the management bodies of the Flemish Parliament. The speaker leads the plenary session of the Flemish Parliament and represents parliament. He/she decides whether an initiative of the MPs is valid and admissible.

The Speaker of the Flemish Parliament is Liesbeth Homans (N-VA).


Management Body

The Flemish Parliament is managed by an elected body: the Bureau. Every year, the Flemish Representatives elect a Speaker, Deputy Speakers and Secretaries, who together make up the Bureau. The Bureau takes the strategic decisions related to the activities of the Flemish Parliament.

The political organisation of the Parliament is defined by the Bureau, together with the leaders of the political groups: the Extended Bureau. They determine the agenda of the plenary meeting and, in part, they also regulate the activities of the committees.

At the head of the Bureau and the Extended Bureau is the Speaker.



Parliamentary Services

The parliamentary services of the Flemish Parliament are directed by a Secretary-General, who is assisted by the Executive Council: the assembly of the executive directors of the various departments. Some of the duties of the Bureau have been delegated to the Executive Council.

Hansard/Written reports service at work

Parliamentary Services consist of three departments and the office of the secretary-general. General mailadress and phone of the parliamentary services:
t +32 2 552 11 11
f +32 2 552 11 22


Martine Goossens is the Secretary-General of the Flemish Parliament. The office of the Secretary-General provides secretariat for the Bureau, the extended Bureau and the Executive Council, and is responsible for the general coördination of all services of parliament.
t +32 2 552 11 10  /  +32 2 552 11 29
f +32 2 552 11 60


The department supports proceedings in plenary sessions and committees, and is responsible for publishing all parliamentary documents (draft legislation, records, written questions, reports, etc...)

Services include:

  • Plenary Sessions Service
  • Committee Service
  • Parliamentary Documents Service
  • Data and Advice Service
  • Parliamentary Questions Service
t +32 2 552 13 20


The department is responsible for public relations, coordination of external and internal communications and provides information to parliament via its parliamentary information service (library).

  • Public Relations
  • Parliamentary Information Service - European Office
  • Archives - Biographical Service
  • Legal office
  • Communications service
  • Visitors' Center and guided tours
t +32 2 552 41 96


The department is responsible for the facility management, digital and technical services, the infrastructure of parliament, printing services and goods-and-supplies management.

Services include:

  • Facility Management
  • Digital Service
  • Technical Service
  • Goods and supplies management
  • Infrastructure Service
  • Printing and Distributing Service
t +32 2 552 42 90


The HR Staff operates on human resources for the Parliamentary Services and the political staff of the Representatives.

f +32 2 552 41 36


Financial Staff and Members' Services

The financial Staff and Members' Services operates on the financial services of the Flemish Parliament and the political staff of the Representatives.

+32 2 552 40 66

Members' Services:
f +32 2 552 41 46